Fillizer Ampoule
Fillizer Ampoule
Fillizer Ampoule
Fillizer Ampoule
Fillizer Ampoule
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Fillizer Ampoule

    Our Exclusive Ampoule
    The first step on our quest to create an optimal scalp care device was to find the perfect ampoule. Our proven, clinically tested ampoule formula has been derived from Madhuca seed, which has been used in Northern India as a natural hair and skin remedy for hundreds of years.
    Recently, researchers have discovered a way to isolate the potent Madhuca sophorolipid, providing us with the perfect source ingredient for our powerful hair growth ampoule.
    Meet Madhuca – the hidden secret to our hair growth success.
    Ancient Indian literature on the benefits of madhuca are supported by modern research results showing the efficacy of maduca sophorolipids (an active ingredient made from fermentation of madhuca oil).
    Madhuca ampoule was developed by Chungbuk Industry University Cooperation Institute and Chungbuk National University College of Medicine joint research team.
    Fillizer ampoule contains rich natural extracts Madhuca | Green Tea  | Tangerine Peel  | Mulberry | Perilla Frutescens Leaf  |  Raspberry |  Ketone | Heartleaf | Houttuynia | Coconut Oil | Vitamin B Powder |  Guar Gum
    Natural extracts such as salicylic acid, coconut oil, raspberry ketone, palm oil, madhuca longipolia, sophorolipid, guar gum, tangerine peel, mulberry bark, pine leaf, Heartleaf Houttuynia extract,  vitamin B5 derivatives (panthenol), vitamin B complex (niacinamide) and citric acid protect the scalp from external harmful and fill the hair with energy and strength.
    Biosurfactant is a compound that has a structure that dissolves easily in water and oil. It is widely used as a soap, detergent, emulsifier, and moisturizer in food and cosmetics. Most surfactants are chemical surfactants, but due to the recent controversy over their harmfulness, we have formulated a biosurfactant that biodegrades into 99% water and CO2 over time.
    As a type of vitamin B3, Niacinamide is a certified raw material that the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has recognized forits functionality.
    Salicylic Acid
    One of the key ingredients of functional cosmetics that helps alleviate hair loss symptoms and creates a healthy scalp.
    Tocopheryl acetate
    A powerful antioxidant also known as Vitamin E Acetate that plays a role in preventing oxidation of cell membrane components.

    DDS Technology Boosts Absorption DDS(Ampoule Delivery System) is a technology that effectively delivers active ingredients and aids their absorption to increase efficacy.
    Schematic Diagram of DDS Mechanism Madhuca Longifolia Sophorolipid contained in Madhuca™ Tonic can quickly aid the absorption of active ingredients into damaged hair and a problematic scalp, efficacy.
    Ancient wisdom meets modern scientific research 
    FILLIZER’s powerful madhuca formula offers the best of both worlds, combining natural ingredients with cutting-edge science. Unlike other hair growth ampoules, FILLIZER’s madhuca ampoule has complete KCI thesis registration and patent registration. 
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